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United Moving Experts LLC

We are a licensed moving broker through the Department of Transportation. There are many benefits to working with United Moving Experts. Even the biggest Carriers in the nation lack the necessary equipment to cover every route in the country, with most major carriers you may find yourself dishing out exorbitant origin or destination fees for a Carrier to go out of their way for the load. With our huge network of preferred Moving Companies, not only can we negotiate competitive prices for our customers in order to get you the bargain you’re looking for but we also save you the hassle of having to gather 100 different quotes for one move. We do this by providing you with your state's Preferred Movers at a wholesale rate. We represent a high volume of customers and our preferred Carriers will offer you valuable discounts when you reserve a move through us. Most Carriers rely solely on companies like United Moving Experts to book their loads, this gives us the competitive edge needed to shop the best deal with the highest rated Carriers in the nation. We take care of all the due diligence, pre-screening processes, and even negotiating discounts with every moving company we recommend. Our Carrier pre-screening process is made up of many careful steps, which is necessary to make your relocation risk-free, and satisfactory. Once your move is booked you will receive 24/7 support from our experienced Quality Assurance and customer service department who work tirelessly to ensure a flawless move for our customers.

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