Make Sure You Don't!

Moving to a new home is a hectic task. With all the activities happening around all the time even a skilled planner tends to forget the important issues. To not to forget the easily forgettable, here is a list of The 10 Most Forgotten Items in a Move for you. Having this handy checklist with you during the move really safes you from a lot of inconvenience.

1.Health Records: Get the medical and dental records for everyone in the family. Don't forget to get the veterinary records for your pets. After all they are also part of the family. Isn't it? Be sure to have records of all vaccines and immunizations before you leave. In certain cases notarized letter may be necessary. The details about the requirements can be had from American Medical Records Association.

2.School Records: Your child's permanent school records are important documents to move on with. To enroll in the new school they are necessary. Often copies of the records are not sufficient. Proof of documents with official seal on them is a must have.

3.Phone Book: Pack your phone book. You may presume that you remember some frequently used phone numbers. But presumptions do fail sometimes. So it is better to carry the phone book along. It would safe you from directory enquiry expenses.

4.Destination Address: This is the one which is easily forgotten as it is new. Have this address in your wallet. Get it posted at a prominent place in your old home so that even the children have access to that. Having several copies of this forwarding address will safe you from much inconvenience.

5.Banking: Collect all that is in safe deposits of your bank and get them transferred to your new Bank. Before you move to your new home, you may open a checking account in your new town. This will give you easy access to the funds.

6.Pets: Moving companies generally don't transport animals. So make alternate arrangements for the transit of your beloved pets. Have information about veterinary facilities in your new area before hand. After a long journey your Tommy may need a little attention.

7.Garage Door Openers: Don't forget to take the electric garage door opener out of your car. Leave it for the new owner of your old home.

8.Dry Cleaning: Have you collected the clothes that you'd given for dry-cleaning? I bet you didn't. Collect them and remember to attend to such things before you leave.

9.Leaving it Clean: Keep your old home clean when you depart. You can arrange for a final cleaning service.

10.Spare Keys: Collect all the spare keys. The ones you might have hidden under the rocks and another set that might be with the neighbor. Hand over all the keys to the new owner.